Family Law Assistance Center, Inc. (formerly Law Office Extension, Inc.) is an independent paralegal service designed to assist attorneys who are in sole practice. We established the business in 1988 to provide a full range of services to attorneys, and we take pride in the accurate and professional manner in which we maintain client contact, prepare documents and correspondence, and keep the attorney informed of the progress of a case.
     We have fully computerized our office and have invested in all the legal
programs needed to run a successful law practice. This enables the sole practitioner to have the availability of the same programs that large law firms have at their disposal, without incurring additional "up-front" costs.
As you are no doubt aware, obtaining all the necessary equipment, codes and computer software can be very costly. We have purchased
DissoMaster/Xspouse, Propertizer, Executioner and Legal Solutions, to name a few, as well as having online access to Lexis-Nexis for our research needs.
     Most paralegal services will prepare the documents and return the file for the attorney's staff to complete, i.e., copies, envelopes, postage, obtaining court dates, filing, service of process, etc. However, when a project is assigned to Family Law Assistance Center, Inc., it is completed and returned to the attorney ready for signature. If the attorney wishes us to handle files on a day-to-day basis, we calendar any and all activities (such as discovery, OSCs and motions) and meet with the attorney, usually by telephone, on a regular basis for direction. Further, all communications with the client and opposing counsel can be handled by our office.
     Family Law Assistance Center, Inc., is not a typing service. We work very
closely with clients to formulate all declarations, exhibits, demonstrative evidence, etc., and we have the knowledge to prepare points and authorities for almost any issue related to family law matters. We mention this because although we have experience in other matters, e.g., unlawful detainer, civil litigation, collections, etc., our primary focus is in family law. This includes Prenuptial Agreements, Marital Settlement Agreements, Guardianships, Adoptions and Name Changes. Additionally, our office maintains the continuing educational standards of most family law practitioners. Specifically, our involvement with the East-West Family Law Council on a monthly basis, regular attendance at the CFLR Family Law Seminar held in February each year, and regular subscriptions to legal publications, ensure continued up-to-date changes within the area of family law. Also, because we work for multiple attorneys, our sources of information are much more diverse. We can usually seek the advice and/or feedback from the other attorneys, a form of networking arrangement.
     There are many routine matters which do not require the skills and expertise of an attorney, and those tasks can be handled by experienced paralegals. This wise use of time enables the attorney to then devote his or her energies to more complex matters.
     One of the main advantages to out-sourcing paralegal work is that no charges are incurred unless you are retained by your client. This means there are no out-of-pocket expenses when using this office.
We are firm believers that word of mouth is the best way to gauge the success of a company. Please contact us for the names and telephone numbers of some of our long standing clients.
If you are interested in assigning any projects to Family Law Assistance Center Inc. at this time, or would simply like to discuss our services further, in person, please telephone at your earliest convenience. We would be happy to meet you at your office, or you may certainly schedule a time to stop by and see our operation.