Can my spouse and I resolve issues without the intervention of the Court?
In a dissolution of marriage (divorce) or legal separation proceeding, does the Court take into consideration the reasons for the separation?
What is the difference between a divorce (dissolution of marriage), legal separation and a nullity of marriage?
Why would I want to choose a legal separation over a dissolution of marriage?
If my spouse and I get a divorce or legal separation, who will get custody of our child or children?
When does our child have a voice in determining where he/she wants to live?
How does the Court determine the amount of child support a parent is to receive?
What is spousal support (alimony), am I entitled to receive it, and for how long?
If I have been married for 10 years or more, can I expect to receive spousal support for the rest of my life?
How does the Court resolve the division of property and debts?
What does the Court do about a family-owned business or a spouse who is self-employed?
May I ask the Court to have the other party pay for my legal expenses?
Do I need a lawyer?