Representation in all areas of Family Law
Divorce/Legal Separation
                - Child Custody/Visitation
                - Child Support
                - Domestic Partnerships
                - Domestic Violence
                - Guardianships
                - Paternity
                - Modification
                - Enforcement
                - Adoption (Adult, Independent, Stepparent)

Full-Service Package: What you would normally associate with obtaining a lawyer. Handling your case from the commencement of the proceedings through trial and/or settlement. This includes an initial interview, establishing a case management strategy, legal advice, legal research, gathering facts, discovery, negotiation, preparation of documents, representation at hearings, conferences and trial(s).

Unbundled Services: Rather than hiring an attorney for full representation, you are able to select any or all attorney services based on your immediate needs. Take the Unbundling Assessment Quiz to see if unbundling is right for you and review the Pros and Cons of purchasing unbundled services rather than
full-service representation.

Court Representation: This service provides for me to make special appearances at court hearings, conferences, settlement negotiations and/or trials on your behalf at various times during the litigation, but not providing the extent of representation offered in the full-service package.

Divorce Coaching/Legal Advice: For those clients on a limited budget, divorce coaching provides the ability for you to maintain ultimate control and responsibility over the course of your family law matter, while obtaining legal advice and strategic suggestions from an experienced, licensed attorney.

Drafting of Legal Documents: The following are a brief list of documents that can be prepared by a licensed attorney on your behalf, without having to retain the services of the attorney for full representation:
                - Letters
                - Court Pleadings/Motions/Judicial Council Forms
                - Marital Settlement Agreements
                - Prenuptial Agreements
                - Postnuptial Agreements

Negotiation: As a licensed attorney, I am also able to effectively represent you in settlement negotiations to ensure that your rights and responsibilities are protected and also available to help you plan negotiations and operate as a consultant during mediation.

Research: Our service also offers a wide range of research capabilities for complex litigation matters. We also have a network of professionals who work in a number of family law related areas, i.e.; vocational examination, forensic accounting, psychotherapy, real estate matters, private investigations, etc.

Review of Correspondence and Legal Documents: On occasion, you may want a licensed attorney to simply review a document and provide you with legal advice and/or recommendations.

Trial Preparation: Often, clients only need a licensed attorney to help them with the preparation for trial. Our services offer an extensive preparation process whereby we are able to prepare all Trial Briefs, assemble demonstrative evidence, and help you prepare for the trial phase of your family law matter.