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Divorce, Custody & Support

We know the family law legal system can be daunting and expensive.  For those who do not want, or cannot afford, a lawyer, we help get you through the process by preparing your documents and helping you along the way.  

30 Years Experience

Stephen John has been providing quality services helping the public and attorneys with family law document preparation for 30 years.  Stephen John and his friendly, competent, staff provide everything from initial form preparation through trial briefs and post-judgment modification motions.  

Lawyer Available

If you change your mind along the way and decide you want a lawyer to go to court with you, we have several experienced attorneys who will appear with you on a Limited Scope basis and for flat-rates so you don't have to worry about unexpected legal fees. 



When you and your spouse have an agreement and need the documents prepared, we will do everything from the filing of the Petition through the filing of your Judgment.  

We understand the delicate nature of these agreements so we are respectful to both spouses which helps to keep the uncontested process on-track.


When you find yourself in the legal divorce process but you don't want a lawyer, or can't afford one, we prepare all of the paperwork you need customized to your unique situation, including the Petition/Response, motions for temporary orders, through MSC/trial briefs and your Judgment.


Fighting for your kids without help can be scary and overwhelming.  We help you through the paperwork so you can focus on being with your children and preserving as much money as possible so you can take care of them and meet your household needs.


When living in fear of your partner, having someone help you with the papers to obtain a restraining order is a welcome relief.  

If you are defending an unjustified restraining order, we help you put into writing the truth of the situation so you can use it in court.


Sometimes a Judgment is just a piece of paper and you need help enforcing the terms, help obtaining support arrears, or even help collecting current child or spousal support.  We help you through the legal process by preparing the necessary paperwork for the processes available to you. 


When you find yourself caring for a child or children who are not your own, the last thing you want to do is deal with the overwhelming legal paperwork to obtain an Adoption or Guardianship.  Let us take the burden off of you so you can focus on helping the children through this situation.

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Skype, phone and in-office appointments available!

We offer  in-person, Skype or phone communication.  Many cases are begun and completed wholly through phone and email, while others are done the traditional way with in-office appointments.  We will cater to your preference.  In all situations, though, you will receive the one-on-one attention of Stephen John and his staff.

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Even when the office is closed, we are likely working on your file.  We try to balance life with some down-time on the weekends, but feel free to send emails outside of business hours.  If we're working, we'll respond to you!

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